Working Mothers Win:

The Ultimate Six-Week Blueprint to Succeed at Home and Work

It is undeniable to say that being a working mother can be very challenging. It becomes extremely hard to focus and perform at your best when you are feeling guilty of not spending enough time with your kids and family, or clouded with feelings of underperforming professionally. Are you constantly working, but never have enough time or money to do the things you love with the people you love? From the feelings of unaccomplishment as a mother while trying to manage your home, to feelings of underperformance in your career while trying to climb the ladder or scale your business, or simply reminiscing those days when you could have the bathroom all to yourself, being a working mother is no easy tasks. However, we do it each day as superheroes because we possess the greatest power of all times…LOVE

You are enough and you have what it takes for you to succeed at home and on the workplace, Let me show you show:

Working Mothers Win: The Ultimate Six-Week Blueprint to Succeed at Home and Work,  is a six-week master program that walks you through redefending your mission in life, overcoming roadblocks and equips you with the right strategies to effectively be the manager in your home, lead at the workplace and succeed in life.

In this course, I have put together over ten years of experience from helping working mothers all over the world find clarity, kill the guilt factor, understand balance and financial flexibility. When you sign up for this course, you will get real strategies, actionable worksheets and a proven message that will transform you personally and professionally. This course will be presented to you in Six main modules as follows:

Module 1: Mindset
Module 2: Taking Care of You
Module 3: Taking Care of Business
Module 4: Managing Your Home
Module 5: Leading Professionally
Module 6: Living in Harmony & Balance

Upon completing this course and implementing my strategies and message, you will change the way you see work-life balance and financial freedom. You will start living a fulfilling life and succeeding on your own terms.

This transformational course will launch in April 2019 and I only have room for the first 50 people who register. Allow me walk with you and let’s succeed together!

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I look forward to seeing you in class!

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