Having you as a life guide, has been a true blessing

Gboea came to me as a Coaching client. Her top priorities were to obtain her 501(c)(3) for her nonprofit with sustainable programs and elevate her personal and organizational skills. As a phenomenal poet, she also wanted to elevate her public speaking career and transform into a multidimensional speaker. She had doubts, but trusted the process and made the investment in time and money. The TRANSFORMATIONS and RESULTS don’t lie.

Dear Coach Linda. I am writing this note, to tell you how grateful I am that you came into my life. Having you as a life guide, has been a true blessing. When we first started, I’ll admit I had my doubts. With your military background and age difference, I really didn’t think you would understand me and that you would be to hard. To my delightful surprise, you were the complete opposite. Your approach was based off of who I was as a person and the factors that mattered most to me. You had the perfect balance of discipline and leniency. There was a lot I wanted to accomplish around my business and with you by my side, I was able to accomplish it all. You motivated me to be a better business woman, speaker, and person in general. I received my official 501C3 letter in the mail, and I owe it all to you. Thank you for not only being a life guide, but a true inspiration.

-Gboea Flumo, founder of SpoQUEEN, and Miss Africa USA 2018

Gboea Flumo
founder of SpoQUEEN, and Miss Africa USA 2018